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Photographic Expression as You Imagine It

Shadow/Highlight Adjustments

Using the slider at [Quick Fix], you can adjust shadowy areas by [Shadow Adjust] and highlighted areas by [Highlight Adjust]*. You can also make such adjustments numerically by directly typing a value from 0 to 100 into the textbox.

* [Highlight Adjust] supports RAW images, JPEG and TIFF, but is most effective for RAW images because they store additional highlight information.


Corrects the tones of shadowy and dark backlit images. Features [High quality (HQ)] for superior quality and [High speed (HS)] for superior processing speed.

Only the shadowy areas have been brightened.

Noise Reduction

Color noise, edge noise, and color moiré reduction functions reduce noise in details without degrading image quality. (Noise Reduction in the Camera Settings section ofthe Edit List canbe applied only to NEF images.)

The noise in the dark areas has been reduced. (See enlarged window.)

Image Dust-Off  (NEF only)

Effectively reduces dust photographed on an image.

Obtain Image Dust Off reference data using an Image Dust Off-compatible camera.
(With the lens about 10 centimeters [four inches] from a well-lit, featureless white object, frame the object so it fills the viewfinder, then release the shutter.)

Shoot as usual. Dust on the low-pass filter will be photographed on the image.

Dust on the image has been reduced using the Image Dust Off feature of Capture NX.

LCH Editor

Individual palettes for brightness, color brightness, saturation and hue let you intuitively create the tone color as you like.

LCH Editor has emphasized the flower by reducing the brightness of the green background and increasing the saturation and brightness of the flower.