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Descriptions of New Functions

Selection Control Points

Apply U Point Technology to all image processing, such as Sharpness and D-Lighting functions. Expand the potential of U PointTM Technology.

Auto Retouch Brush

Removes dust specks photographed on an image with a simple brushstroke.


For more efficient workspace based on expected workflow.

Quick Fix [Quick Fix]

For capability to set up detailed multiple image processing simultaneously.

Label/Rating Support (XMP)

Label/Rating support by XMP, an industry standard.

Simultaneous Opening of Multiple Settings

Improved to enable simultaneous opening of multiple settings, e.g. for Contrast and Color Booster (previously, it was only possible to open settings one at a time).

Shadow/Highlight Adjustments

Highlight: Subdues highlighted areas (RAW only).
Shadow: Brightens only dark areas (Faster than conventional D-Lighting).